Four podium finish for Airush!


3rd GARCIA Ainhoa (SPA) - AIRUSH



1 - Sébastien GARAT(FRA) | 6560 pts
2 - Tom HEBERT(NC) | 5696 pts - Airush
3 - Florian DAUBOS(FRA) | 4540 pts

Women OVERALL DISCIPLINES after Morocco:
1 - Ainhoa GARCIA(SPA) | 7120 pts - Airush
2 - Hélène BARRIERE(FRA) | 6380 pts
3 - Kristin BOESE(GER) | 6300 pts

Congratulations Tom and Ainhoa!


In the morning of this last event day, the Breva wasn’t strong enough to launch the last discipline but from 1.00 Pm, the Italian wind gradually picked up. Then, the race director made the decision to launch the Hang Time contest. More than 20 riders prepared for this World Cup discipline.

Here are the results:

1st Tom HEBERT (NC) 10’08 New KPWT Record - Airush
3rd Clinton BOLTON (RSA) BEST 5’24

1st Kristin BOESE (GER) 5’60
2nd Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) 3’93 – Airush
3rd Roberta RAFFAETA (ITA) 3’71

Here below is the ranking of the second freestyle bracket:

1st Sebastien Garat (FRA)
2nd Tom Hebert (NC) - Airush
3rd Florian Daubos (FRA)

1st Ainhoa Garcia (SPA) - Airush
2nd Helene Barriere (FRA)
3rd Kristin Boese (GER)

Here are the results of the KPWT Course Racing world cup discipline:

1st Fabien HABERKORN (GER)
2nd Guillaume MARIANI (FRA)
3rd Tom HEBERT (NC) - Airush

Jose Luengo ripping it up on the Choptop in Mauritius.

Fresh from last months photo shoot in Mauritius, Jose Luengo has fallen in love with the new Choptop, the first board designed for a wide variety of conditions.

This Choptop focuses on progressive riding styles and the demand for a board in "less than perfect" conditions.

From light winds to onshore slop, Airush have developed a board that combines skim, wakeskate, and wave riding characteristics.

For more info on the Choptop, click here.

Looking for a new job?
Expand your interest for Windsurfing or Kiteboarding into an international sales career.

Are you an energetic, active outgoing person?
Do you like the challenge of getting people to see things in a new light?
Can you present the potential of windsurfing and kite boarding to others and close deals?
Would you like to map out the world of the Windsurfing / kiteboarding industry and translate that into sales potential?

Ideal expectations

  • 3-5 years experience in managing a sales team
  • 4 year college degree or higher (preferred concentration in sales, pricing strategies)
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong critical thinking and data analysis skills
  • Strong verbal and listening skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • Strong English skills - additional language skills an advantage.
Please forward an up to date resume, references, salary expectation and a brief paragraph on why you believe you are the right person for this position to

Vapor-Test Review

sbc Kiteboard Magazine July/August 2007

Click here to download.

"With huge wind range, the Vapor receives a near-unanimous vote as a top all-rounder. With lots of depower and flying stability, the Vapor is an easy pick for any style of riding."

"With constant power when unhooking and stability in the air, the Airush Vapor is a great wakestyle kite for gusty locations."

"The Vapor’s responsive C-style steering appeals to our C-style testers."

Kiteboarding Germany, June 2007

Click here to download.

As a newcomer within the Hybrid kite market, the Airush Vapor climbs directly to the top of the podium!
The Vapor convinces with the best handling characteristics in the test!

The Vapor is suited for all levels of riding.

Light wind abilities: The Vapor delivers all its power over the whole windrange!
Bar pressure: The bar pressure is incredible low; nevertheless the rider gets enough feedback from the kite at all times
Relaunch: The relaunch is very simple!
Depower: By pushing the bar out, the Vapor depowrs nearly completely

The Airush Vapor is the complete and perfect all-rounder!

His characteristics and power was delivered over the biggest windrange of all kites in the test.

The Vapor is the top scorer in all aspects of performance!


Click here to download.

"many riders hailing it as the best thing Airush have done in several years."

"The bar we especially liked; the safety is activated via a red ‘switch’ that cleanly releases a clip letting the Vapor leash out onto its 5th line."

"we were having fun on this 10m while those on 12m SLE kites were struggling cannot be overlooked."

"relaunch was academic thanks to the swept back tips and any slight reluctance was easily countered by tensioning the fifth line via the toggle near the chicken loop."

"The quick release switch is a revelation – I personally would have no qualms about hitting that in a split second since it is so easy to set up again."

"Airush have bridged the gap between the beginner friendly / freeride SLE kites and the high performance competition kites, not by adding lengths of line and pulleys, but by taking away. 18 months ago, who would think that would have been the answer?"

Kitesurf UK, May / June 2007

Click here to downlaod.Click here to downlaod.Click here to download.

IKSurf uk online:

Click here to downlaod.Click here to download.

"Classic kite feel with bow like depower, smooth fast turning and light bar pressure, a great all round kite that will suit lots of riders."

"The Vapor is a totally new hybrid kite from Airush and is in a class of its own."

"What Airush have managed to create here is a kite that has nearly all the characteristics of a great classic kite, yet thrown in the depower and range of a great bow."

"A fantastic little kite from Airush that packs plenty of punch with an impressive range."

Kiteboarding, Germany, 2-2007

Click here to downlaod.Click here to downlaod.Click here to download.

Alle Fahrer die sportive Leistungen und optimal abgestimmte Flugeigenschaften suchen kommen mit dem Vapor voll auf ihre Kosten. Der Vapor ist ein Spielzeug mit uberdurchschnittlichen Leistungen. Dazu gibt es ein funfleiniges Setup, welches bestens zu diesem Kite passt.
Jose Luengo 2nd Place master of the Ocean. D.R

Photos: Nora L.

1- The Dominican Republic is a pretty interesting location. Could you explain what the scenery, the wind, the waves and conditions were like?

Cos you have waves 80% of the year with a minimum of 5 feet of swell. Wind 300 days per year normally starting around noon. So you can surf every morning and then kite all afternoon. The best thing is that there are three reefs all within 5 km in front of the Cabarete Bay.

2- How about the nightlife, parties, girls?

Crazy man every night non stop!! Cheap and you know Dominican style…..GIRLS “Bachata” “Regeton” etc etc …

3- What kite and board set up did you use?

My Converse 6’0” and some prototypes Converse shape by RS.

4- Any magic moments in the competition that you want to tell us about

The first day had a swell of 10 feet. Big man for amateur surfers. My first hit in the surf discipline I caught a huge wave and my heart was “PUMP, PUMP, PUMP”. I passed the section then I did two more bottoms and I thought oh my God, thanks to push me and give me speed. I passed that hit with some very good surfers. I had very good luck with this wave.

5- Any horror moments or kitemares?

One crash on the last day and the tube ate me up. I lost the bar and I was rolling inside the ‘White Machine’. I felt the reef on my back was very hard. My lines were around me and the kite was pulling me. ^%$# man!!!! Finally after 10 or 15 seconds I took some air and fortunately my kite got caught in the rocks.

6- How was this event different from other multi discipline events?

It’s funny man. You can see the real water sportsman on the same day, same people, 3 sports and waves. Hard, very hard. You can lose the hits easy if you are tired. You feel the real good ambience with other riders. Then you see people who are good in one discipline, but not very strong in others. You can play with a lot of combinations when planning your hits.

7- Looking ahead for 2007, you won your first event for the year, when and where will we get to see you in action next?

Airush Photoshoot in Mauritius and then probably in the first PKRA event in Cabarete which is new this year.

8- What event are you most looking forward to this year and why?

Cabarete, Noumea, and South Africa have really powerful waves. I want to learn more and more in those places.

Photos: Nora L.

Check out video: Jose in Cabarete Master of the Ocean (U-Tube),
Sumbawa Secret Surf Sport

It's the time of the year again when many of devoted wave pilgrims, pro, semi pro and dedicated kitesurfers around the world, make their annual journey to Lakey Peak in Sumbawa, Indonesia, once considered a world secret surf spot. International surf magazines have had many photos showing off the huge, clean and glassy surfs without a slightest hint as to the exact location. My long time friend Jason Chiang, local Airush distributor and pioneer kitesurfer from Singapore, has been telling me about this picture perfect surf spot for the past few seasons. Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I go along on his annual kitesurfing escapade. It will be a prefect excuse for me to try out my newly acquired 300mm lens.

Barely 50 minutes away from Bali by daily domestic flight, it is hard to believe such paradise does exist where perfect waves blessed with a perfect solid side shore wind from end August to early Nov. Surf breaks are at the designated locations 24 hours a day. Water, beyond and before the breaks, is relatively flat. Watching wave surfers at the "Peak" break directly in front of the hotel restaurant while having breakfast served with strong Java black coffee, littered with lots of coffee powder, is the daily morning wake up call. Soon side shore wind kicks in with Swiss watch precision in the late morning. In no time, all kitesurfers are out in full force. Among several breaks in front of Lakey Peak, the real slashing actions take place at the picture perfect breaks called "Pipe" on the left. Huge, powerful 15 footer with full-on walls often turning in full size barrels, this is not for the faith hearted. The breaks are right at the edge of the shore line with sallow reefs so getting in and out are tricky. Considering the fact that the breaks are short, allowing possibly only one bottom turn and a cut-back at any ride, it is getting crowded. Felix Pivec, Will James, Reo Stevens and Jeff Tobias are all ripping up at here all day. They are on their annual month long R&D trip! Looking at so many world-class pro riders ripping up the waves in one location is the dream comes true for me and my over-worked cameras. Of all the riders, Felix Pivec no nonsense surf style riding surely stands out among the crowd. His setup is sample, 9m2 Reactor on 6' Converse, riding unhooked and performing some awesome bottom turns and off the lips that few can reproduce. It is also interestingly noted amount all the riders and viewers when reviewing the day's photos on computer that Felix is the only one out there with amusingly wide grin on his face while bottom turning on every wave. He seems to be truly enjoying every moment of it and looks like he is part of the waves, instead of fighting and concurring them. This, I think, is what set him apart from his peers.

After a hard day out in the sea, a dinner rounds off with ice cold local "Bintan" beer, amid nonstop Jack Johnson songs, for a little as USD5.00 awaits. This pretty much sum up our daily routine for the week we are here. At this epic centre of all surf heavens, extremely remote and far away, seems crowded with surfers from all corner of the globe. In fact the whole world seems to congregate here. We meet and make many friends from the world over - Brazil, USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Here at Lakey Peak, totally cut off from the rest of the world, what else is there to do but eat, drink, sleep and dream kitesurfing……But personally for me, Sumbawa means the long lasting image of Felix bottom turning with his trade mark grins……

All images and story by Howie Choo, photographer and windsurfer based in Singapore.
See more of his work at:

Jo Ciastula, pro kiteboard rider, has just signed for Airush International for the 07 season. Besides competing on the PKRA tour he will be focusing on increasing brand awareness and exposure. This will be in the form of traveling extensively giving demos, clinics, and working closely with magazines and websites worldwide contributing photos, travel articles and DVD video.

He will also working closely with the designers and the product development team to bring the best kiteboarding products to the marketplace.

Jo is “absolutely stoked” to join Airush and is really looking forward to the 07 season. Below are some of Jo’s thoughts on joining Team Airush.


1. What is your nickname? How did you get this nickname?

Answer: Don't really have one because everybody calls me Jo and that's short enough jajajaja

2. When traveling, have you meet any beautiful girls?

Answer: This is one of the best parts of traveling, especially in Brazil.

3. Where is the best place to party on the circuit? Why?

Answer: Fuerteventura because Rene puts up a huge tent on the beach and the whole island comes to party and Cabarete because you have places like Onos and Lax. These are two bars on the beach with music pumping until early hours of the morning.

4. Do you have an Airush Hoodie (Sweat shirt)? Why not?

Answer: No I haven't because you guys haven't sent me one jajaja and I'm clothed by Animal.

5. How do you feel about the Airush 07 products? DNA? FLOW SLE? Reactors? Harness?

Answer: Airush has really impressed me this year coming out with a complete range of great products.

The DNA is a really easy going kite which is perfect for newcomers to the sport. It takes you through those first steps and still gives you the performance later on in your kiting. One thing I noticed on the DNA's was how comfortable it was while you were riding .This is a great all round kite.

The Flow is a high performance kite. I was really amazed with it's wind range especially in light winds. You can get going with only 10 knots on the 10m and have a great time. For me this kite is at it's happiest in the waves because you can take power when you need it to clear that closing section, and release power when you go for that vertical turn. The Flow makes Kitesurfing in waves probably as close to really surfing as possible.

As for the Reactors they are my favorite and the kites I'm riding for freestyle. You can do everything that comes to mind on these kites. They have a great depower, making handle passes easier giving you a bigger window to complete the trick and put more style into your moves . As for turning speed all sizes are right on the money and the size of your loops only depends on you and not the kite jajajaja, so no more excuses. As for lift, these kites still have a good hangtime for some board off sessions and big air. I think this is way everybody started kiting, nothing like being 30 foot up and looking down.

The Reactors have a similar feel throughout the whole range, making it very easy to adjust when you change sizes. Finally all sizes are very easy to relaunch, due to their shape and fifth line set up.

All in all these kites are great for anyone who want to pull off some wakeboard style moves, still allowing you to go big and rip in the waves. The Reactors are freestyle kites, but have a huge range when it comes to surfing and big air.

As for the bars I am very happy with the whole system. It has a good grip and feel to it, stopping your hands from slipping and making your riding more comfortable. The chicken loop is probably the nicest part because it's a good size making unhooking and hooking in nice and easy. Also the safety release is very responsive ensuring real safety for the all important newcomers into the sport. As for the fifth line setup,it's super simply with no complications even for the earliest of kiters. Just pull wait for you kite to go on it's back, pull on one side of the bar and up it goes.

As for harnesses I still haven't tried the Airush harness because I haven't received one.

6. Where do you see kiteboarding going in the future? Is that good or bad?

Answer: At the moment kiteboarding has been slip into three groups: First you have the pure freestylers pushing all the wake board and power moves, but most of the people in this group are either on the tour or compete around the world. Second you have all the people that have gone from their twin tips to surfboards and look for waves to surf instead of kickers like the freestylers. These people usually come from windsurfing or surfing, and lets face it there is nothing better than surfing a really good wave, doesn't matter if it's on a surfboard, windsurfer, kiteboard or even snowboarding. Thirdly you have the people that just cruise and do a bit of everything. They read the conditions and go out to have the best time with what they have. This is probably the biggest of the three groups because not everybody like's the wakeboard moves and doesn't live in Hawaii to get great swells.

I think kite boarding is going to continue in the same way and each group will try to push it's own limits making kiteboard a very complete sport for everybody, which is good because everybody can decide what they

have the most fun with.

7. Where do you see yourself in the future? Doing what?

Answer: Hummmmmm good question. I think I will be involved with kiting and hopefully travelling as much as now. I really enjoy helping out on design, so maybe R&D and product development and awareness.. It's anyone's dream to get paid to travel the world doing something you love and I want to do it as long as I possibly can.

8. When the wind dies, what are you thinking?

Answer: About the next windy day and where can we go partying!!!!

9. After a good session, how do you feel?

Answer: Tired and satisfied, best combination.

10. What are your goals? What are your goals in the sport of kiteboarding?

Answer: I want to do well on the tour, make a name for myself on and off the water and continue thisliving this lifestyle ,

11. Do you have anything else to add? Any stories? Any comments?

Answer: If you love the ocean kiting is a really easy sport to approach , you can be having a great time only after a month or so.As for stories just go to Cabarete and have a night in Onnos and you will understand everything jajajaja

Remember kiting is a branch of the whole surfing family, it has so much to offer everybody .

See you on the water in a hot place I hope

Take care
Saludos Jo


2006 Kiteboard Pro World Tour – since 1999

FREESTYLE Women Overall Ranking 2006 KPWT :

1st Gisela Pulido, Movistar/Red Bull/RipCurl/Dakine/Shapes/Volkswagen 4 700 pts
2nd Julie Simsar, Liquid Force, Dakine, Kronic Kiteboard, Misultin 4000 pts
3rd Noelia Nunez, Nomad / Airush / Nikita / Pro Limit 2 902 pts

World Champion Gisela Pulido (SP)

WAVE MASTERS Men Overall Ranking 2006 KPWT :

1st José Luengo, AIRUSH / QUICKSILVER / DAKINE 2 800 pts
2nd Vincent Tiger, NAISH / RIP CURL 2 080 pts
3rd Tyrone Rawlins, North Kiteboarding, Fox Racing, Reef Brazil,DAKINE 1 680 pts

World Champion Jose Luengo (SP)

WAVE MASTERS Women Overall Ranking 2006 KPWT :

1st Ainhoa Garcia, Boardrider company, 2 340 pts
2nd Aurelia Herpin, JN Kites, Radical, Prolimit, Tarifa Smile, Tarifa 2 300 pts
3rd Paloma Guerrero, Ocean Rodeo, KTS, Picky sicky, Indian 1 700 pts

World Champion Ainhoa Garcia (SP)

SPEED CROSSING Women Overall Ranking 2006 KPWT :

1st Julie Simsar, Liquid Force, Dakine, Kronic Kiteboard, Misultin 2 684 pts
2nd Aurelia Herpin, JN Kites, Radical, Prolimit, Tarifa Smile, Tarifa 2 484 pts
3rd Gisela Pulido, Movistar/Red Bull/ /Rip Curl/Dakine/Shapes/Volkswagen 2 482 pts

Women Junior Overall Ranking 2006 KPWT :

1st Gisela Pulido, Movistar/Red Bull/RipCurl/Dakine/Shapes/Volkswagen 4 700 pts
2nd Marine Sudre, Underground / North-Blueye Sunglasses / Kitepower /Fournil 1 380 pts
3rd Helene Barriere, North / Oxbow / Ion / Julbo / Cool Shoe 1 342 pts

World Champion Gisela Pulido (SP)

2006 Kiteboard Pro World Tour – since 1999


Tuesday, 28th November 2006 - Press release N°3

Sebastien GARAT and Julie SIMSAR, winner of the Freestyle Noumea Kitesurf Pro 2006

Sebastien Garat (FR) is now the KPWT 2006 World Champion and Gisela PULIDO (SP) is the three time KPWT World Champion.

Today, with still great kiteboarding conditions on Meridian Beach, we completed the Freestyle mens & womens brackets ...
On the mens side, the ultimate confrontation turned into the advantage of Sebastien Garat over the local rider, Tom Hebert, but only after the second final. Vincent Tiger also performed well in the second bracket as he consecutively defeated Tuteraï Monteron, Antoine Auriol, Marc Jacobs, Guillaume Mariani and Thomas Cocquelet. Five powerful rounds, before being eliminated during the 3rd place final by Tom Hebert. Tom definitely proved one more time his excellent shape and talent.

Here are the results of today :



def. Vincent TIGER (FRA)

Tom HEBERT (NC) def. Sebastien GARAT (FRA)

Sebastien GARAT (FRA) def. Tom HEBERT (NC)

1st: Sebastien GARAT (FRA)

2nd: Tom HEBERT (NC-Airush)

3rd: Vincent TIGER (FRA)

4th: Thomas COCQUELET (FRA)

5th: Guillaume MARIANI (FRA)

6th: David JACOBS (NZ)

On the women side, Ainhoa Garcia created the daily surprise in Freestyle thanks to her good results and her various victories over very experienced riders. She was only stopped by Julie Simsar, who won due to her first place finish in the second elimination freestyle bracket. Due to Helene Barrière injury she was unable to defend her first place position after the first bracket so she finished in second place.

Moreover, thanks to her excellent results all season long, Gisela Pulido is now assured to be TRIPLE KPWT junior and senior World Champion !!!

See the last results below :


Noelia NUNEZ (SPA) def. Celine RODENAS (FRA) and Perrine SCELLAND (NC)
Paloma GUERRERO (SPA) def. Stéphanie AURIN (NC)
Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) def. Su KAY (NZ)

Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) def. Noelia NUNEZ (SPA) and Paloma GUERRERO (SPA)

Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) def. Marine SUDRE (AUS)

Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA) def. Aurelia HERPIN (FRA)

Julie SIMSAR (TUR) def. Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA)


1st: Julie SIMSAR (TUR)

2nd: Helene BARRIERE (FRA)

3rd: Ainhoa GARCIA (SPA-Airush)

4th: Aurelia HERPIN (FRA)

5th: Marine SUDRE

Tomorrow, the famous speed crossing race from Amedee lighthouse to Meridian beach with 45 riders registered and among them, the record holder, Robert Teritheau, ready to break it again this year.KPWT TeMedia accreditation and FTP pictures services :
For media accreditation, please contact :
For pictures, please contact :


Media : National and International TV news :
International news available for each day of competition
There will be international news for the final day of event. DvCam PAL tapes with split no music & Effects audio tracks (tapes to be clearly labelled with series title and episode numbers in English). English language time-coded script (to be provided both in hard copy and sent via e-mail).

Media : Highlights TV programme :
26’ highlights for TV, Internet and DVD is available for worldwide distribution .
Betacam SP, Digital or Dvcam PAL and NTSC tapes with split no music & Effects audio tracks (tapes to be clearly labelled with series title and episode numbers in English) Premix or Fullmix english version. English language time-coded script (to be provided both in hard copy and sent via e-mail).

For further information :

please visit :
And/or contact Frédéric Gravoille, Promoter :
or Jean-Charles Joguet, Event Manager and Coordinator :
Tel / Fax : 00 33 (0) 1 46 44 46 94

More informations and the 2006 KPWT Calendar :
Magazine :

Felix Dominates Mauritius!

Hi Guys,

We ended the competition this week end and here are the resullts of the first five riders.

1. Felix Pivec Airush/billabong
2. Martin Vari Slingshot
3. Will James North
4. John Amudson North
5. Bertrand Fleury Slingshot

For sure this contest will go down in kiteboarding history. Video and images will speak for themselves. Competitors pushing themselves to a very high level of wavekiting.

What does Felix think?

1) How do you feel about this result in Mauritius?
Results are not much in my books, just stoked I could ride the wave unhooked on the best kite on the market.

2) How is your season going?
It's going.

3) Have you accomplished your goals thus far?
No not yet I think you never do that's what Life is for.

4) Wave session or girls?
Girls they are a little bit harder to predict than a wave. Love a challenge.

5) One kite you couldn't live without?
Reactor 7

6) One board you couldn't live without?
My magic 6''0.

7) What's next?
You never know.

8) Final comments?
Have a bundy.
Luengo Wins the Guincho WAVE MASTERS,
Portugal 2006!

After a skippers meeting in the morning, everybody was glad to start the final rounds. After the 3rd round, 12 riders remained in the Wave Masters draw. For over three hours, they showed us an incredible range of tricks, fighting for a piece of the prize money at stake. Spectators crowded the beach, some witnessing Kiteboarding for the first time!

In the semi finals there were two French riders ­ Vincent Tiger and Philippe Alengrin ­ and two Spanish riders ­ Salvador Carballal and Jose Luengo. In the first heat, Tiger met Carballal, and in the second, Alengrin faced off with Luengo. For the first time this season, Vincent Tiger was stunned, as he was defeated by Carballal. Luengo realized that this was his opportunity and defeated Alengrin, setting up an all Spanish final. In the final, two friends became rivals on the water for 15 minutes. After a very tight heat, Jose was able to come out on top and took the best of his fellow compatriot.

Congratulations to all riders and especially Jose on a job well done!

Team Airush.